Thursday, March 13, 2008


Mr. DiGiuseppe is a young Philadelphia-based artist who also has a hand in running one of our city's best alternative spaces, Flux Space, which is hosting an opening for Extra Virgin this evening.

See Joe's project here.

Joe has lots of big ideas. I did a studio visit with him back in the beginning stages of Given Enough Eyeballs, and while I didn't see much in the area of concrete work, I was aware of his interest in internet-based art (there are some examples on his web-page) and I decided to chance it on the grounds of his ambition. He has created a truly beautiful piece of interactive sculpture for the exhibition called Entertainment Center #3 (along with several other working titles).

The technologies employed in Entertainment Center #3 are analog, the inquisitive nature of the piece speaks to the thesis of the exhibition. Plus, when you visit the Science Center, you'll see how rad it is to have a piece that calls for public interaction.

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