Sunday, December 16, 2007

Scenes from the Flux Space and a studio visit with Joe DiGuiseppe

Joe DiGuiseppe's back. As I take more pictures I get increasingly shy of asking people to let me take their picture. Therefore, expect many images like this in the future.

I visited Joe at the Flux Space on Wednesday, December 12th, three days before their major Oliver Herring opening (which I could not attend due to a very important poker tournament), to gain some further knowledge of his own work and ask him to be a part of a show I'm curating for the Esther M. Klein Gallery in March of next year.

The show is going to be about open source technology, and how it or it's concept can be applied towards the creation of art, and will be titled Given Enough Eyeballs in reference to Eric S. Raymond's essay The Cathedral and the Bazaar (abbreviated CatB). The full quote it's taken from being "Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow"--my simple summary of the concept being that if all of us have the access to information and the ability to process it then we'll be able to work out any problem we come across. In defense of this thesis I'm going to point to Wikipedia.

Joe and I shared some internet site favorites, including his own website:

Put things in my pussy! by Joe

Joe's site

many ones dot com a site by Kenneth Tin-Kin Hung that is truly a work of art.

You be the Man Now Dog. A site of strings of animated gifs and manipulated jpegs.

Also I enjoyed a video night and the Flux Space's scenery:

The Flux fridge

One of Joe's plans for a future art installation.

A very old dictionary that still believes computers are people who compute.

A scene from Joe's studio.

A scene from the FluxSpace.

Also in the open source exhibition so far are Yoshi Sodeoka (New York), and Ramsey Arnaoot (The Philadelphia Institute for Advanced Study). If you have any thoughts on open source/systems or how an exhibition about them should be run or, if you have a computer you could donate to the cause please leave your information.

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