Sunday, December 2, 2007

Amy Adams But Nature More

Vox Populi. ENDS TODAY.

Amy Adams has told me that she is interested in the chaos of everyday life, on how our focus becomes consumed in the details and we are never able to properly see the big picture. Stress, work, coffee, deadlines, these are the things that take up our days, these are the thoughts in our heads. With this in mind it is interesting to me that her last two installations at Vox Populi (Undead and But Nature More) have given the overall feeling of being a landscape we are able to see from a distance. She has given us a perspective she says we can't have, and isn't that one of the main arguments for the mainstay of artistic work? It provides us with the things that life cannot. . .

Her current exhibition at Vox Populi, But Nature More draws us even further from the chaos of work in the metropolis. We are shown a "diamond"-studded mountain-scape, in a cavern between mountains we are able to glance a projection of the sky, it's clouds moving at a rate that looks like a movie in fast-forward. It is a strange and surreal portal. It makes me think of the idea of time travel.

But Nature More draws an impossible line in the sand. We live in the city, we make our living from it , but if asked which we liked better, the man-made or the natural environment, without thought to how we would survive, which would we choose? Most of us might conclude that we like nature more, but in light of having to wake up and go to work in the morning, we might also conclude that liking nature more is a moot point.

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