Friday, March 14, 2008


A screen shot of the Audio-Video Sampling Synthesizer.

Ramsey Arnaoot is a philadelphia-based artist and faculty member of The Philadelphia Institute for Advanced Study, which we call pifas for short. I wrote a blog a while back on Ramsey's artist residency program here.

His piece for Given Enough Eyeballs is an Audio-Video Sampling Synthesizer , and has the distinction of being the only project in the exhibition that actually utilizes open source technologies. At it's simplest the Audio-Visual Sampling Synthesizer is a machine that will create a mixed-up version of anything you put inside of it, a tool for creating new data out of old. At it's most complex it gives us a behind-the-scenes look at digital media that we often take for granted, making the technologies of the image transparent.

The source code for Ramsey's project and notes on how he created the program are all openly available to the public on The Philadelphia Institute for Advanced Study's web-site.

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