Wednesday, March 26, 2008



I'm bringing bike painter Taliah Lempert to Copy Gallery this April. The show is opening next week: Opens Friday, April 4th 6-11.

I'm writing an essay that takes painting the bike back to around Renaissance era and compares it with the old-school inclination to paint horses, there may even be a word or two in there about custom paintings in general. I promise to publish it here when it's done and also to have copies available at the gallery for the opening.

This painting show will also coincide with R.E.Load's 8th Annual April Fools Fun Ride (more info here.) which Copy salutes and supports. Bikes rule.

Below are some pictures I took when I visited Taliah's studio last year:





Also I'm headed to The Armory Show this Friday, and I mean to check out The Dark Fair at The Swiss Institute, and I want to stop by Honey Space. I'll probably also go to many more things, but these things sound the raddest. If you have a hot tip let me in on it.

Also! Next week I'm going to the press preview for Murakami at the Brooklyn Museum. Yes! Art candy!


naaaaaaaaatalie said...

annette! sorry we didn't get to talk at the fair on friday. what a week. i am so psyched that you are showing taliah's work; also can't wait to hear your impressions of the fairs etc.

Gail Spann said...

I have loved Tahlias paintings for years! I owned and operated an art gallery for 23 years in Houston and am now retired, missing the whole art scene! Her paintings are glorious to say the least!

Annette Monnier said...

Naaaaaatalie: Yes! notes.

How's your weather station going?


Cool! I love fans of Taliah.