Monday, November 26, 2007

Two Articles Off-Site

High Art, Cheap Beer and Regionalism

Annette Monnier, one-fifth director of Copy Gallery and one-sixth founder of the now defunct Black Floor Gallery, will be writing on artblog from time to time, by way of introduction her first post is on the relationship between place, art, and cheap beer.

Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR)

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Before I moved to Philadelphia I thought of PBR as the beer in the David Lynch movie, Blue Velvet, it was somewhat unusual and hard to find and even a little bit avant garde. "The Hard to find" part of that idea was quickly displaced upon arrival in Philly. One of the first places I was taken to was Bob and Barbara's, which of course is a veritable gallery of old PBR ads, and I was introduced to the city wide special; three dollars gets you a shot of jim bean with a PBR to wash it down, though some people might say it's a PBR with a shot of jim bean to wash it down. I drank a lot of those and it did nothing to discourage my view of PBR as the beer of the underground. We served it proudly at all of our Black Floor Openings. Read more on artblog

"I thought this was a gallery. I don't get it."

Were the words Alex DaCorte teacher uttered when he brought him over to the living room of 1409 Ellsworth Street, the place where he had decided to host his senior thesis exhibition. The "living room" in question was Padlock Gallery, a thriving arts space that has been opening it's doors to both the insiders and outsiders of Philadelphia's art scene since February of 2004. Read more on digphilly

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