Thursday, November 8, 2007


AIDs Wolf rolled up to Copy with Old Time Relijun (who I enjoyed but I LOVED AIDs Wolf)--also playing were Philly natives Drums Like Machine Guns and Satanized--a couple of Sundays ago when it was still October and I was worried about global warming. Dave Dunn and I carried all their stuff inside:

And, besides the fact that neither of the bands really helped carry their stuff in, the show was amazing. Seripop posters were hung all over Copy's store and I thought twice about buying one but I think I'll quote Chloe Lum, Seripop poster maker (with Yannick), and screecher for AIDs Wolf when she said "I'm too cheap to even buy my own art". . . but then she went on to buy three Steve Keene's ($5), which aren't too expensive for anyone's blood.

As with most art collectives slash music makers AIDs Wolf is kind of hard to understand. I mean you see them, you like them, you get their vibe, but when you try to put all the pieces of the puzzle together you find you really don't know that much. Like, you really don't even know their real names, even on their Wiki Page they go by code: Hiroshima Thunder, Him, the Maji, Special Deluxe, and Barbarian Destroyer.

So I put a couple of questions to Chloe on her Facebook account:

Annette: How are AIDs Wolf and Seripop related?

Chloe: AIDS Wolf and Seripop are related in the fact that Yannick and I do both and that we do 99% of the AIDs Wolf graphics.

We started seripop because we both played in (unsuccessful) bands and wanted to promote em. by the time AIDs Wolf rolled around , Seripop was getting some respect and notoriety here and there so people perked up their ears a bit to the unknown noise rock band from Montreal; Most of those people ended up hating us.

A: Just for kicks what are your musical and artistic influences?

C: AIDs Wolf influences:

Chrome , Captain Beefheart (!!!!) , Discharge , Throbbing Gristle , Us Maple , Royal Trux , Arab on Radar , Voivod , Emerson Lake and Palmer , Jean Louis Costes, This Heat , Sun City Girls , Caetano Veloso, Sightings.

Seripop influences:

Saul Steinberg , Art Chantry , Eduardo Munoz Bachs , Simon Bosse , Basil Wolverton , Wiktor Gorka , Dan Decarlo , Mark Beyer , Jean Dubuffet , Henriette Valium, Vittorio Fiorucci

And now everyone understands everything!

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