Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sweatheart on Trading Spaces This Weekend!!!!!

As this e-mail from Thom explains:

hello dudes, me & rose have broken into reality television. please watch rose hide bananas in the carpenters tool belt & check out my new haircut. you'll probably learn a ton.

best, thom

(reairs sunday at 1pm)

Trading Spaces
Philadelphia: Dickinson Street

Ryan is a writer for the weekly City Paper, and Aryon does operations at the art collective 1026. They'll be swapping with Rose and Thom who are in the art-dance band Sweat-heart. These South Philly hipsters swap their pads and decorate each other's digs.


andrew said...

best episode or trading spaces ever, ever! the show has reached it's peak. it no longer needs to exist. give that time slot to "philly fun four" a new show starring thom, rose, aryon and ryan.

Charles said...

It was pretty cool to see 1026s on reality TV, I enjoyed Aryon asthetic confrontations with the lead lady and thom's personalized 4xl tshirt for the little man.

Annette Monnier said...

The horrible thing is I haven't seen it yet. . .let's go see if some enterprising young fellow put it on the u-tube!