Friday, May 23, 2008

Zoe Strauss, Under I-95/ offsite

So, I've begun writing for a new blog, "Art-tistics", which is sponsored by an art-handling company called Mind's Eye (they seem like really nice people), and I just published my thoughts and some pics of Zoe Strauss' awesome under-the-interstate exhibition there:

A major exhibition, under the interstate

My thoughts on writing for them are this; because I will be writing with two other well known bloggers ( Lenny Campello and Bill Gusky) and because the company itself is based out of Boston, this ought to get some different exposure for my reviews on Philadelphia art, and as such "the Philadelphia art scene".

The design of the blog is a bit pastel for my sensibility, but it's Wordpress so all you nerds who have been hating on my blogger account can be a little happy. Plus I will also still be keeping up with One Culture, so never fear.

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