Tuesday, May 6, 2008

From the e-mails

Tricia Avey has spotted this amazing photo project by Lilly McElroy, the artist literally throws herself at men: Lilly McElroy site, lots of other rad looking stuff too that I don't have the minutes to look at right now. . .but perhaps you do?

Also Anthony Campuzano pointed out this Village Voice review of a 1964 recreated Dan Flavin exhibition at Zwirner & Wirth (NYC).

Also!!!: For all of you fine persons commenting twice; don't worry your comments work the first time, they just don't show up till I moderate them. I have to moderate them or else this blog is attacked by machines and ads who wish to leave their comments. I publish all non-machines, even the unfriendly ones. I hate censorship.


anthony campuzano said...

here i another review of that flavin show, by jerry saltz. i really loved this show one of my favorites of this year. hope you got to see it also the working sketches they had up were great too.

Annette Monnier said...

Unfortunately I didn't get to see it, but thanks for the other review!