Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Stefan Sagmeister at Deitch Projects

Things I Have learned in my Life so Far
Deitch Projects (Closed as of February 23rd)

Even though my nose was immediately assaulted by the smell of something rotten I was as pleased as I would be if I had run into a very dear acquaintance that I hadn't seen in thirty years when I walked into Deitch on Grand and saw that Stefan Sagmeister had control of the area. Sagmeister is mostly known for graphic design that borders on art, so it was cool to see his artwork as art that borders on graphic design, not that any of those distinctions really matter anymore.

Rotten bananas and what they used to say.

Dipping into Mr. Sagmeister's head is a familiar place, comfortable like looking through old Ed Ruscha monographs on a rainy day. His way of thinking is off-beat but popular and he's someone you can depend on. His artwork sympathizes with your existence, it's a shoulder to lean on and a pick-me-up when times are rough. If at times you wonder if you might be looking at an ad or video that belongs on MTV-- hell, get over it and listen to the things Stefan Sagmeister has to tell you.

Installation view of a room with a large inflatable monkey. . .you can find much better flicks of the whole show at Deitch.

An image by Stefan Sagmeister

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