Monday, January 14, 2008

Ghost Bike

I've been calling these monuments to dead bikers "ghost bikes" on my own time and I was of the (stupid) opinion that I invented the term until I googled it today:

And. The very interesting Wikipedia Page:

"The first ghost bike memorial project was in St. Louis, Missouri, United States in October, 2003. After observing a motorist strike a bicyclist on Holly Hills Boulevard, Patrick Van Der Tuin placed a white-painted bicycle on the spot with a hand-painted sign "Cyclist Struck Here". Noticing the effect this had on motorists in the area, Patrick then enlisted the help of friends to place 15 more "ghost bikes" in prominent spots in the St. Louis area where cyclists had recently been hit by automobiles[2]."


Ryan said...

See also Ghost Bikes, a new site with pretty comprehensive info on projects across the country.

Steven W James said...

This idea harmonizes nicely with the Netherlands's White Bicycles program.