Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Alex Da Corte, I Attach Myself to You

Stonefox Artspace, December 11th 2007-february 12th 2008.

Just Give me a Fucking Chance

The bit of printed paper matter provided as a didactic (read the entire PR on artcal) for Alex Da Corte's one-man show at Stonefox Artspace (and only the second exhibition hosted at the architectural firm) informs me that Alex's photographs and related sculptures "explore the nature of intimacy in a digital world where online dating, chat rooms, Mspace.com, blogs, etc. increasingly supplant real human interaction." but I don't really agree with that at all. To my mind I Attach Myself to You is a rather dark exploration of the desperation involved in upward mobility and the struggle to be noticed by the world at large ("Just Give Me A Fucking Chance"). This struggle might be aided by more recent technological innovations via the internet, it might be easier today to achieve a taste of fame, but the struggle is an old game.

Alex Da Corte's work has always been a little bit difficult for me to understand, it is easy to write it off as surface-oriented and shallow, but there's always this little tint of darkness behind the glitter that puts you in mind of waking up with a really bad hangover after too-much party and remembering that you aren't immortal ("Forever and Ever"). Da Corte's "Activities" (the photographs) illustrate this by causing seemingly innocuous materials associated with having a good time; glitter, jam, etc. to become sources of pain. There is evidence ("The Lights go on") that Alex has tapped into the stress of the, probably imagined, "digital eye"--a force of cell phones, networking sights, and internet connection that leaves you feeling like you are always on stage, forever watched, never off.

Activity #31 (Black Eye)

There is no doubt that Alex is a product of a generation involved with the trappings of youth, energy, and vitality (one thinks of Dash Snow, or Aaron Young) who are beginning to see communication, fame, and memory in a different way. I believe I Attach Myself to You is Mr. Da Corte's most honest work to date.

The Lights go on

Shoop Shoop A Doop A Doo

Forever and Ever (Gold Edition)

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